Lighthouses during storms

Marina Cano photographs lighthouses during storms with passion and patience of a wildlife photographer. Marina is from North of Spain and has an eye for wild animals. You can see it after the first glance at her works. She knows how to wait for the right moment and make the best shot that shows the essence of the subject. 

There is no better place for those who look for isolation than a lighthouse keeper job. Lighthouses during storms can be place scary as hell, don’t you think?

I wanted to show her Lighthouses but soon I will present some of her magnificent animals shots.

Visit Marina Cano website and see more of her works or to buy something beautiful: 

Marina Cano lighthouse 5

Marina Cano lighthouse 6

Marina Cano lighthouse 22

Marina Cano lighthouse 1

Marina Cano lighthouse 2

Marina Cano lighthouse 3

Marina Cano lighthouse 4



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