Voluntarily guillotine. Would you try?

“Paper Cuts is an interactive paper sculpture that invites people to experience the world’s most recognizable instrument of death, head first. However, unlike its deadly ancestor, this blade offers nothing more final than a paper cut.” Voluntarily guillotine. Would you try?

The following short videos, with daredevils who agreed to take part in this play. Voluntarily! Looks like some of them were pretty scared at the beginning. There is something stressful in puting a head under the guillotine. Even a one made of paper.
A view of execution, left a permanent mark in our memories and it is not pleasant association.

from: papercuts-exhibition.com

macabre cut cut execution gillotine gilotine1 gilotine2 head cut 2 head cut 3 head cut 4 head cut head lost 1 head lost


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