Asya Kozina Paper Sculptures will blow your mind!

Extremely talented paper-cut artist Asya Kozina creates historical wedding dresses, costumes and inspired by Mongolian folklore fashion designs made of delicate paper. In her motherland, In Ukraine, she is called “a fairy of paper”. Impermanence, delicacy and fragility of the material makes us look with even bigger admiration for the Asya Kozina Paper Sculptures.  They will blow your mind, when you realise, how patient and precise must the artist be. The fact, that She takes her inspiration from historical folklore fashion design is amazing.

paper art 3 paper art 4 Ethnic wedding suit paper art paper art 2 Ася Козина 1 Ася Козина 2 Ася Козина 4 Ася Козина 5 wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina wedding-gear-paper-sculptures-asya-kozina_1

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