Wild animals from Russian Far East

Ivan Kislov is a mining engineer who works in Chukotka. On this far away land he photographs wild animals in their natural, winter environment.

Foxes, bears, rabbits and many more are not afraid of human and come close with curiosity.

Wild animals from Russian Far East at images taken by the engineer, give us a fresh and honest look at wild nature, undisturbed by the presence of man.

Kislov Ivan_winter photos

Kislov Ivan_red_fox Wild_Hare_Photography_by_Ivan_Kislov_winter Animal-Photography-Kislov Ivan amazing-fox-photos-Kislov Ivan2 amazing-fox-photos-Kislov Ivan Kislov Ivan fox Kislov Ivan chukotka-animals-lovely-photos-of-russian-foxes-by-ivan-kislov Wild_Hare_Photography_by_Ivan_Kislov wild-foxes-photography-ivan-kislov

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