Copper sculptures of horses by Wang Ruilin

Chinese artist Wang Ruilin made series of copper sculptures of horses and other animals inspired by painting of a horse by the artist Xu Beihong.
When first I saw sculptures made by Wang Ruilin in Beijing, I thought this animals are in half dream, half reality. There is something unreal in their streamlined shapes, static, reserved poses and conscious, human eyes. Watching a copy painting of horses by Xu Beihong and then, surrealistic copper sculptures of horses by Wang Ruilin, you can feel like travelling across time. Relaxing. I’m charmed by them.

“Dreams” series was most recently part of ART Beijing last year.

Below, you can find 2 horses painted ink by Xu Beihong, and then, copper sculptures of horses by Wang Ruilin:

Xu Beihong (1895-1953)_Four horses xu_beihong_horse

horses sculpture asia HORSE.PLAY 4 HORSE.PLAY 3 HORSE.PLAY 2 HORSE.PLAY aligator sculpture list_14 list_11 雀 逐梦记-犀 easten animals sculpture

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