Shocking behavior of famous characters

Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros generated a kind of juxtaposition that reflect defects and problems of our society, such as abuse of drugs, having double standards, questioning faith and values, etc. All classic cartoon characters seen in the way that may destroy our childrens memories. Cinderella with obese, Mickey Mouse is trapped in mousetrap, drunk Princesses… Let’s see some shocking behavior of famous characters:

drugs and disnaydead snow whiteLoaiza_Mirror-Mirror-on-the-Wall Loaiza_Its-a-Girl-thing

cartoons characters drunk cat woman drinking milk ded cartoon character jose-rodolfo-loaiza jose-rodolfo-loaiza-ontiveros-dog jose-rodolfo-loaiza-whore mickey_mousetrap-dead sleaping princes snow white and hanibal

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