Extraordinary shoes not ready to wear

Forget about classical shoes! Collection of Peter Popps, contains extraordinary shoes that are not even made for walking. Having Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson as his regular fan base, he designs heavy futuristic footwear that catches the eye and doesn’t let go.
He took inspiration from technology and science fiction to bondage…
“I even visited a few sex shops in London on the pretext of ‘research’. When I asked one of the staff about the definition of bondage she said: ‘If it’s indestructible’. He said.

unusual-shoes-peter-popps bow-shoes cone-peter-popps diva-shoes not-to-wear-shoes not-to-wear-shoes2 oryginal-shoes peter-popps-shoes shocking-shoes strange-shoes strange-shoes-lady-gaga strange-shoes-peter-popps unusual-shoes unusual-shoes-circle

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