The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg by Ahmet Ertuğ

Whoever was in St. Petersburg, must have seen one of its wonders: The Hermitage Museum.

Baroque interiors of Hermitage, with impressive staircases, libraries of astonishing rare books, painting and sculpture galleries, and collections of historic specimens, photographed by Ahmet Ertuğ to complete his St Petersburg series, are ready to buy as a unique book.

Ahmet Ertug has been invited by The State Hermitage Museum’s Director General Mikhail Piotrovsky to photograph the Hermitage and to publish a book to commemorate the 250th anniversary of its foundation.
The artist was introduced by the Director of the Museum to photograph, few other great instytution of Sant Petersburg: The Stieglitz Academy, The National Library, Fine Arts Academy, Conference Hall and Library, The Russian Museum, Zoological museum, Military Museum, Train Museum.
Exclusive book with photographs, made with solicitude of every detail is now ready to buy at:

Hermitage-by-ahmet-ertug Hermitage-by-ahmet-ertug-ball-room Hermitage ahmet-ertug-hermitage magical-Hermitage-by-ahmet-ertug Hermitage-photography Hermitage-outside Hermitage-interior Hermitage-gallery Hermitage-by-ahmet-ertug-stairs Hermitage-by-ahmet-ertug-photography Hermitage-by-ahmet-ertug-blue


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