Famous songs as buildings

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina takes 27 popular songs, from inter alia: Miles Davis, Amy Winehouse, Joy Division, Blur, Elvis Presley and Mozart and transforms them into cartoon buildings.
The artist claims that parallels between music and architecture are diverse and extraordinary: “They have a common mathematical order which regulates the forms and the rhythm.”

Take a look at posters on which famous songs as a buildings present amazing harmony, literally.

the-police-Federico-Babina the-beatles-boulding radiohead-Federico-Babina-poster pink-floyd-Federico-Babina-poster Mozart-Federico-Babina miles-david-architecture Michael-Jackson-Federico-Babina Joy-Division-poster-by-Federico-Babina Freddie-Mercury-architecture-poster david-bowie-poster-Federico-Babina archimusic-city

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