Finland is a land full of surprises

Helsinki underground space

This is a film with crowd admiring (and soon being chased by) the icebreaker Tarmo in Helsinki in the 1920s. Looks scary, don’t you think?

You’ve probably heard, that Finland is a land full of beauty landscape, cold lakes (about 188 000), reindeers, best educated, brave people (that are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers) and the best drivers. And maybe didn’t hear, that it’s the only country in the world, which gives the news in Latin (in a radio and once a week but still)…and that Santa Claus office is located in northern Finland. Hm?
Finland is a land full of surprises.
One of them is, that Helsinki have unbelievable underground city!
Check the short film to believe:

For more info about Finland:

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