The Litang Horse Festival

The Litang Horse Festival is held generally at the first week of August on the grasslands outside of Litang (western Sichuan province, People’s Republic of China) – about 400 meters higher than Lhasa, making it one of the highest towns in the world. Khampas from all over the Tibetan Plateau come to trade, celebrate and ride on their ponies to confirm the legendary status of « Horsemen of the Wind ».
Khampas are nomads that are Tibetan and are usually herders. The Khampa men can be easily recognized in the crowd with gold or silver accessories and plaited hair to show social status. Women also like amazing jewelry, decorate their countless small braids and wear big necklaces.
From the 10th century, Kham was never under the authority of Lhasa because of different sect of Buddhism followed in Kham.

Litang is open without restrictions for foreign tourists and entry does not require a permit.

Pictures sources: BetterWorld2010

Kham-Gilded-Ladies 2 Kham-Gilded-Ladies Khampa Children 2 Khampa Children Khampa Ornaments Up Close Khampa Ornaments Khampa-festival Khampa-gold-Ornaments Khampas gold Khampas women Khampas Khampas-costume Tibetan-Khampas

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