Luxury Japanese train

Luxury Japanese train designed by ex-Ferrari’s stylists is to be finished in the spring in 2017. Unique, first-class travel, presented as a “yacht on the railway” by Japanese company JR East, will have 10 cars, which will be colored champagne gold and accommodate up to 34 passengers.
The first floor will have two beds, the second floor will be covered with tatami mats, passengers can relax while enjoying the scenery through a large picture window.
The deluxe suites will also offer a bathtubs!
The train will pass through the Sanin region and the coastal area along the Seto Inland Sea from the central Kinki region.
Ticket prices have yet to be determined…


Japanese_tarin Luxury_train_Japan Luxury_train_Japan_railway_east_restaurant train-japan Japan_railway_east_deluxe_suite

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