Posters with similar graphics

Have you seen it before? Well, it, not the same, but take a close look, it’s almost the same! Posters with similar graphics are like a plague, same thing with covers and photo sessions. Seems like ideas have ended.
Christophe Courtois made a good job!

Posters-with-similar-graphics-02-720x635 Posters-with-similar-graphics-03-720x553 Posters-with-similar-graphics-05-658x700 Posters-with-similar-graphics-06-720x604 Posters-with-similar-graphics-07-720x680 Posters-with-similar-graphics-08-501x700 Posters-with-similar-graphics-09-561x700 Posters-with-similar-graphics-10-720x601 Posters-with-similar-graphics-yellow Posters-with-similar-graphics-legs Posters-with-similar-graphics

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