Climb on the top of Shanghai tower

Would you like to climb on the top of Shanghai tower like Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov? Do you have acrophobia? If yes, don’t look at pictures of two enthusiasts from Ukraine and Russia who wanted to climb on the top of Shanghai tower and they did it.
Vitaliy and Vadim like to climb on the skyscrapers and make photograph from which can spin in your head. They have passion in photograph, need of adventure and fearlessness, thats why they decided to climb on the top of Shanghai tower, the 120 floors building hiden in the clouds. It took them two hours get there, you can see the results below.
Visit they website to see pictures from industrial areas and tops of most famous buildings.

Shanghai-roof-top Shanghai-roof-top-2 Shanghai-roof-top-3 Shanghai-roof-top-4 Shanghai-roof-top-6 Shanghai-roof-top-clauds Shanghai-roof-top-sky

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