Candy-Colored Photos

Meet Matt Crump, the artist who can change ordinary picture into candy-colored piece of art:


I’m Matt Crump (@mattcrump) the creator of the digital pop art movement called #candyminimal, which combines saturated candy colors with minimalist composition.

To encourage others to create their own candy-colored photos, I’ve written tutorials on my style focusing on composition and editing (which can be found at

To date, Instagram users have tagged over 40,000 of their own #candyminimal pictures, the best of which I feature on the @candyminimal Instagram account.


About his inspirations and candy-colored photos:


My major inspiration is obviously color, whether it’s in big towering things like signs, buildings, and trees, or wide open spaces like seascapes, mountains, and skies. I love symmetry in my subjects and compositions, so I’ll often break the rule of thirds by centering my subjects.


I have OCD, which I’ve learned to channel therapeutically through my art. I think it’s apparent in the quirks of my style, like my consistent color palette across my body of work, my perfectionist arrangement of items, and my super-symmetric compositions and subjects.


Currently, I’m on display at the Moen Mason Gallery in Tucson, Arizona and will be featured in the upcoming digital arts exhibition, One by One Texas.

To find more visit his site: and fallow him: instagram | facebook

submit your artwork at


Matt-Crump-blue-house Matt-Crump-carousel Matt-Crump-hunt Matt-Crump-ice-cream Matt-Crump-palm Matt-Crump-san-juan-street Matt-Crump-sara matt-crump-spike Matt-Crump-stairs Matt-Crump-yellow-house Matt Crump-tree Matt-Crump-01 matt-crump-02 matt-crump-2chairs matt-crump-03 Matt-Crump-austin-motel

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