Licit Drugs

There was a time, not so long ago, at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century, when drugs like heroin and opium were legal. Even more, you could buy them in pharmacy and apply to your children!

Some facts about licit drugs:

Heroin was produced by Bayer company (as a substitute of morphine!) till 1913, when the number of addicts grew out of control.

Soothing syrup, contained 65 mg of morphine sulphate per fluid ounce (0.03 l), was used during teething small children.

Originally Coca-Cola used five ounces of coca leaves (141.7 g) per gallon of syrup in the first five years.

Some of the most famous people liked the Mariani Wine, that contained 6 mg of cocaine per fluid ounce (!!). Queen Victoria, Pope Leo XIII, Pope Saint Pius X, Thomas Edison and Ulysses S. Grant, Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas, Emile Zola and many others were great fans of this drink…

Just take a look at this lovely vintage bottles and posters:


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wine with coca leaves wine with coca leaves 02 syroup with morphine opium morphine sulphate morphine sulphate  01 heroin Heroin hydroclor 01 Heroin hydrochloride Glyco-Heroin Cocaine Toothache Drops cocaine tablets coca Coca Wine American Cannabis Allenbury's Throat Pastilles Allenbury's Throat Pastilles 01



























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