Street Photography by Daniel Eliasson

Today Heads Wide Open would like to introduce, a Photographer from Sweden, who specializes in street photography, as he says :“to capture the perfect moment, and to document our lives today”.
Daniel Eliasson, that’s his name, told us a little about his work, technique and plans for future:
About his photography:
I have a great fascination for people, and with my photography I try to freeze the emotion and personality of the people I capture. When I photograph, my eyes constantly wanders around to find a person with a certain emotion. I try to feel the next shot, instead of thinking. My technique is to get really close to my subject. As a spectator, I want you to feel as if you were part of the scene instead of just watching.

What is his equipment:
I’m mostly equipped with the same equipment; my Canon 5D MKIII with a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 USM L. I usually end up zoomed to 24-35mm on my favorite lens.

Why Street Photography?
The best thing about street photography, is all the different types of people I meet and talk to after taking their shot. My most memorable man was a homeless man, that asked me to take a happy picture of him after my first shot.

Daniel organizes workshops:
A couple of times a year I arrange workshops in street photography. The next workshop will be held 14th of March at Scandinavian Photo in Gothenburg, Sweden.
If anybody is willing to join him, or organize his exhibition, please contact at: or join him on Facebook or Twitter

We present only a small selection of his works, but on his website, you can find a whole collection:

submit your artwork at

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