3D Alphabet

Meet Alejandro López Becerra, graphic designer from Madrid, Spain.
When you look at his portfolio, you will find his special interest in fonts. We asked him about it, and about his inspirations. This is what he told us:
I studied graphic design and I was always interested in typography. I think the typography is one of the most important part of design, you can make a stunning background but if you don’t choose a legible and beautiful font, the set is not going to work.
I’m not a font designer, I only like to play with 3D and typography. I admire fonts designers because, it’s really difficult to make a functional font family that looks good in paragraph.
His current work:
Currently, I work as a motion graphics artist on a tv production, I make different stuff but seldom I make typography works. That’s why I develop 3D designs with fonts for other clients, in collaboration with other designers or for myself in my spare time.
His inspirations:
My inspirations is a mix between artist from the past and designers and studios that make awesome stuff nowadays. Escher, Herb Lubalin, Takenobu Igarashi or Oteiza are some of my favourite artist from my student years. Vasava, Hey Studio, Serialcut, Zim&Zou, Vallé Duhamel, Plenty, Robert Bartholot, I love dust, Six&Five… I could write for hours names of studios and designers that are currently making awesome stuff.

Visit his website muokkaa.com to check the rest of the 3D Alphabet for the project 36 Days Of Type and follow him at social media:

Behance / Instagram / Twitter / Domestika

Send us your artworks at headswideopen@gmail.com! We will publish it.

AB Alejandro-López-Becerro-CD Alejandro-López-Becerro-EF Alejandro-López-Becerro-GH Alejandro-López-Becerro-IJ Alejandro-López-Becerro-KL Alejandro-López-Becerro-MN Alejandro-López-Becerro-OP Alejandro-López-Becerro-QR Alejandro-López-Becerro-ST Alejandro-López-Becerro-UV

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