The largest lake in The Faroe Islands

Sørvágsvatn, the largest lake in the Faroe Islands is situated on the island of Vágar and it’s 30 meter above the sea level, but the cliff is 100 meters high. On the pictures it looks like the lake is about the same level as the cliff.

The most important lakes in the Faroe Islands are Leitisvatn and Fjallavatn on Vágar,  Eiðisvatn on Eysturoy, Toftavatn on Eysturoy and Sandsvatn on Sandoy. Most of them used for fish farming or for electricity-production.

Faroe Islands are bestead in the North Atlantic and lie northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. 18 islands, long coastline but no one is more than 5 km (3 miles) away from the ocean. The weather is rather chilly but the har­bours never freeze, so it is always a chance for fresh fish, as Faroe Islands are well know of their fishing industry.

Warm Gulf Stream near the Faroe Islands has created an especially nutrient-rich en­vironment for the many birds that breed here.
Colonies of funny birds called puffins inhabit the many ledges and green swaths at the top of the cliffs as well as typically Faroese humble black guillemot with large white patches on both wings and blood red feet.
I hope, one day to see all these wonders, visit the largest lake – Sørvágsvatn and show you more photos.

Meanwhile, more photos can be found at

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