Recreate the cosmos

OSMO is the 9m sphere inflated below the A13 Flyover in London to recreate the cosmos and get a glimpse of the awe-inspiring universe above.
To see a sky full of stars in big city is almost impossible. This installation allows us to see what’s hidden by clouds, pollution and city lights.
Project made by London-based studio Loop.pH: “At Loop.pH we like to craft and order space into magical experiences, so we have created a gigantic silver sphere that has been inflated under the flyover to house the most cosmologically transporting experience this bit of A-road has ever seen” explain designers.

cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated Osmo_THE COSMOS INSIDE THE COSMOS INSIDE THE COSMOS INSIDE-loop-ph-re-creates-the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated THE-COSMOS-INSIDE-9m-sphere-inflated the-cosmos-inside-a-9m-sphere-inflated

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