Infinity mirror table

During my stay in Venice biennale in 2009, I saw some Infinity Mirrored Installations. Mirroring effect used to multiply and increase the depth of the image, stuck in my memory. I really cant remember in which pavilion it was. Maybe you could help me?
I found a new use of this trick. Louise-Anne van ‘t Riet, Begum designer, has made an interesting model of a table.

Infinity mirror table is a set of plexiglass mirrors, set up so that the LEDs between them reflect an image back onto the fully reflective mirror.
Eye catching piece of furniture will light up when objects are placed on it.
Take a look at pictures of mirror table and visit Louise website to watch her other projects:

IMG_1680 IMG_1677 IMG_5468 Infinity Mirror Table_1280x1920 Infinity Mirror Table-1_1920x1280 Infinity Mirror Table-2_1920x1280 Infinity Mirror Table-3_1920x1280 Infinity Mirror Table-9_1920x1280

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