Japanese advertising posters from the Art Deco

Japan opened up to the world in the late 19th century and was set enthusiastic to products from the West.

Ability to encourage the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes in such a direct way was something new for a conservative society. Japanese advertising posters from the Art Deco period, like their American and European representatives of this style, drew from ancient artistic styles, seeking new means of expression for mass production and emerging mass media market. Ads from that time are a curiosity: Geishas and Samurais sipping beer, promote smoking. Aesthetics is directly adopted from the Western avant-garde graphic and typographic. It was only later they began to promote indigenous products, such as sake.

Materials taken from pinktentacle.com

Japanese advertising posters from the Art Deco drink_smoke_Japanese advertising posters Japan ads art decoJapan_Beer_Ads_ from the Art Decoold_Japan_Beer_Ads_Japan_Beer_Ads_6Japan-ad-drink_smokedrink_smoke_18drink_smoke_21Japan_Beer_Ads_1Japan_Beer_Ads_3Japan_Beer_Ads_5Japan_Beer_Ads_7Japan_Beer_Ads_8Japan-pld-ad-drink_smokedrink_smoke_25 drink_smoke_sake drink_smoke_19

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