‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ on Osamu Yokonami pictures

Mysterious schoolgirls like from “Picnic at Hanging Rock, on pictures by Osamu Yokonami, is a series of images of Japanese photographer, who is under a strong influence of Shoji Ueda, who died 15 years ago and was a master of surrealist compositions.

“Picnic at Hanging Rock” is my personal association. Who saw a brilliant film by Peter Weir from 1975, probably has in memory, oneiric images of schoolgirls, dressed the same, bathed in the Australian Sun, in poses like from Impressionist paintings. This movie is on my short list of masterpieces, and photos of Osamu Yokonami from the series “Assembly”, seem to me inspired by this film.

The artist himself denies that the inspiration came from the world of moving images. Simplicity and seriality, freshness and imperfection. The girls in identical uniforms, against the background of a mysterious landscape, moving in an unknown direction, are the essence of his style.

I will ask the author, whether he agrees with my idea or not. I’ll share his opinion with You as soon as possible. I promise!

Below pictures of Osamu Yokonami, and then a few shots from the film by Peter Weir.


Osamu Yokonami-3 Osamu Yokonami-1 Osamu Yokonami assembly-osamu-yokonami-6 assembly-osamu-yokonami-3 assembly-osamu-yokonami-1 Picnic-at-Hanging-Rock Picnic at Hanging Rock-1975-movie-review-girls-climb-mountain-miranda-anne-louise-lambert Picnic at Hanging Rock-1975-movie-review-girls Picnic at Hanging Rock-4 Picnic at Hanging Rock-2 Picnic at Hanging Rock-1

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