Selling stones as Pets Rocks

Selling stones as Pets Rocks

Selling stones as pets sound like a misspelling or kind of a joke. But don’t be mistaken!
I used to collect stones, I have full basement littered with stones. I’m not kidding. It’s not a normal thing, I know. I was working as an architect designing stone architectural details. But anyway, I still can’t stop myself from grabbing a stone in the park and bring it home. Some of my stones have a name. Like: Anger or Dream.
I hadn’t made a business worth millions on selling my stones, but some people had and I’m jealous!

His name was Gary Ross Dahl, and he earned millions by selling rocks as pets! ‘Pet Rock’, was a 1970s novelty toy craze. The stone cost $3.95 apiece, was tenderly nestled inside the box, on a bed of softwood shavings.

Selling stones as Pets Rocks Gary the owner

It’s hard to believe but he also added a manual for good measure, which later proved to be a stroke of genius. The little book contained instructions on the care, feeding, and house training of Pet Rocks.

Selling stones as Pets Rocks
He popped on this crazy idea in a bar. People around him were talking about pets, and about how difficult it was to feed, walk and clean up after them.
“I have a pet rock,” Gary told the crowd. His joke was so well received that he began to think about the idea, eventually setting up a business around it.
He did a business that last till late ’70s, and then with the money he earned, built the Carry Nations Saloon in Los Gatos. He even wrote a book called Advertising for Dummies, published in 2001.

Selling stones as Pets RocksSelling stones as Pets Rocks business plan

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