Mela Fay Dog portraits. All we need is love, art and dog!

Mela Fay Dog portraits. All we need is love, art and dog, love, art and dog, dogs portraits, gifts for pet owners, portraits of adopted dogs, rescued dogs, shelters, dog photographer, Dog rescuer, Dog lover

Dog portraits. Why?

I’ve read once that the dog’s high sociability may be affected by “the same genes as in humans.” I don’t need a scientific research as a proof.

They have been with us for centuries to share with us sorrows and joys. The first dog remains buried beside humans 14,700 years ago… That means something!

I concentrate on those loved and those forgotten.

I paint dogs portraits as gifts for pet owners who lost their beloved ones or those who celebrate that their friends are still with them. I paint portraits of adopted dogs, rescued dogs and those who are looking for homes and are still in shelters.

“All we need is love”, art and dog! 

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Every dog deserves to have a portrait. Do you agree?

Take a look at some of my latest works: custom-portraits

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