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Hydrospeeding – a jump to freezing waters of glacier

Some enthusiasts of extreme sports jump to freezing waters of glacier despite the obvious risks and flow down. The sport of hydrospeeding or riverboarding is emerging as a new hobby where participants lie prone on rigid foam boards and ride the rapids. Canyon activity specialist, Gilles Janin and French mountain athlete hydrospeeder Claude-Alain Gailland, decided […]

Finland is a land full of surprises

Helsinki underground space

This is a film with crowd admiring (and soon being chased by) the icebreaker Tarmo in Helsinki in the 1920s. Looks scary, don’t you think? You’ve probably heard, that Finland is a land full of beauty landscape, cold lakes (about 188 000), reindeers, best educated, brave people (that are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers) and […]

Graphics made with 11 tyre tracks

Singapore Art Director, Advertising, Graphic Design, Thomas Yang is also an avid cyclist. He decided to combine two of his passions – bicycles and art and creates a limited edition of graphic made with 11 tyre tracks. I promised myself to try it with my bike, but the only marks I made, are the ones […]

Cartoons as a nightmare

A lover of movies, designer from Taipei, Taiwan, Ben Chen has style full of imagination and dark humor. His illustrations show familiar cartoons as a nightmare you wish to never see as a child.

Super fine lace-paper cuttings

It’s hard to believe that this super fine lace-paper cuttings been made by a simple pair of scissors. Japanese artist, Aoyama Hina, perfected his technique since 2000 and creates delicate butterflies, flowers and whole texts that are evidence of the coexistence unheard of discipline, patience and imagination.

Photography of world’s hyper arid regions

Hyper arid regions photography project started in the late 90’s  and took George Steinmetz  to 27 countries. He was making pictures while flying his motorized paraglider. Photographs shows most arid regions with beauty of sand dunes, salt lakes, and wind erosion. This is a short collection of his works appearing in George’s latest book, Desert Air.

Famous songs as buildings

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina takes 27 popular songs, from inter alia: Miles Davis, Amy Winehouse, Joy Division, Blur, Elvis Presley and Mozart and transforms them into cartoon buildings. The artist claims that parallels between music and architecture are diverse and extraordinary: “They have a common mathematical order which regulates the forms and the […]

Children in world made of trash by Gaby Herbstein

Children in world made of trash as Young Explorers in theatrical poses in imaginary worlds built from recycled materials in project of Gaby Herbstein teamed up with illustrator Pablo Bernascon brings us to surreal space . Project draws our attention on ecology and face the problem of generating garbage and ask a question: what kind […]

Shipping Container Homes

Some talented architects succeeded to design buildings made of shipping containers: family homes, offices, showrooms, offices… Industrial, cheap materials gain a new life. Thanks to imagination and hard work, recycled homes can be an example of highest quality design. Here are some shipping container homes  from integrated Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Company: INDUSTRIAL ZOMBIE

Paintings on the sand by Andres Amador

Have you ever tried to paint on the sand on the beach? I can bet you did. You should see paintings on the sand byAndres Amador, because he does it on the really big scale. He paints on the sand repetitive circular patterns, inspired by nature that are washed away by the waves. You can […]