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Art Inspirations, selections af art and culture.

Most of all: Advertising, Design, Drawings, Ilustrations, Posters, Paintings, Sculpture, Street art. All about Art I found interesting.

My Sellections & My inspiraions. I search the internet everyday to add something new about art, something that caught my eye and heart. I try to select interesting art from the information buzz. I want you to know me better through my taste and my sense. Art Inspirations most of all My Selections of Culture and art events, exhibitions and projects with art invention. Art Inspirations selections af art and culture.

I’ve put together this blog with recommended list of the best selection for daily inspiration, so you can quickly and easily find the best places on the web to be inspired. This web site includes links, articles, blogs covering most creative disciplines.

Abstract Glass Sculptures by Rick Eggert

Abstract Glass Sculptures by Rick Eggert

Abstract Glass Sculptures by Rick Eggert with water and fire are occupying my mind tonight. His abstract glass sculptures mimic the shape and movement of the flames and waves. I feel calm. I’m fascinated with his glass sculptures and I wish to see how he works. Rick Eggert has a skill and I’m sure you must agree. […]

Set of original umbrellas

Do you need an umbrella? I can bet, one of those quaint things would be a good idea in case of rain. I found set of original umbrellas that will bring into a boring, cloudy day a little bit of a smile. Take a look! Umbrella for a dog would make happy my little friend! […]

Oversized clothes pins

Oversized clothes pins called Pince Alors, the project of SwabDesign, certainly help surprise our guests who arrived in the hall.  An interesting idea for the use of archaic today clip to underwear, colorful hooks are the essential touch of originality. Six color water-resistant (if someone wanted to install a hanger behind the window).

‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ on Osamu Yokonami pictures

Mysterious schoolgirls like from “Picnic at Hanging Rock“, on pictures by Osamu Yokonami, is a series of images of Japanese photographer, who is under a strong influence of Shoji Ueda, who died 15 years ago and was a master of surrealist compositions. “Picnic at Hanging Rock” is my personal association. Who saw a brilliant film […]

Japanese advertising posters from the Art Deco

Japan opened up to the world in the late 19th century and was set enthusiastic to products from the West. Ability to encourage the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes in such a direct way was something new for a conservative society. Japanese advertising posters from the Art Deco period, like their American and European representatives of […]

Infinity mirror table

During my stay in Venice biennale in 2009, I saw some Infinity Mirrored Installations. Mirroring effect used to multiply and increase the depth of the image, stuck in my memory. I really cant remember in which pavilion it was. Maybe you could help me? I found a new use of this trick. Louise-Anne van ‘t […]

The world of the senses

I found these pictures of fashion and make up, called The World of the Senses and I really liked their simple and expressive spell of senses they present.  Huainan Li is a Chinese photographer, from Beijing and he is one of the many artists from The Middle Kingdom, who impressed me recently. I will try […]

Nature Sound Form Wave

Nature Sound Form Wave is a poetic name of works made by Ukrainian artist Anna Marinenko. During a trip outside the city, she has discovered a similarity between calm nature landscapes and a view of music sound wave on her music player. This finding led to the creation of a series of works Nature Sound […]

Wooden Sculptures made of Siberian Cedar wood-chips

Sergei Bobkov who lives in Kozhany, Russia, creates really original Wooden Sculptures out of nothing. He invented technique that prevents wood-chips from falling apart in time. That’s how he sets up amazing compositions made of Siberian Cedar wood-chips. Made one of these incredible artworks takes around six months to complete at a work rate of 10-12 hours per […]

RYAN SARAH MURPHY and her series of collages

I would like to introduce you RYAN SARAH MURPHY and her series of collages. Ryan is a visual artist that holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts, New York (2001). She’s currently living and working in New York. Let The Artist tell us about her works and then – enjoy […]