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Cartoons as a nightmare

A lover of movies, designer from Taipei, Taiwan, Ben Chen has style full of imagination and dark humor. His illustrations show familiar cartoons as a nightmare you wish to never see as a child.

Famous songs as buildings

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina takes 27 popular songs, from inter alia: Miles Davis, Amy Winehouse, Joy Division, Blur, Elvis Presley and Mozart and transforms them into cartoon buildings. The artist claims that parallels between music and architecture are diverse and extraordinary: “They have a common mathematical order which regulates the forms and the […]

Vintage Collages

Vintage Collages made of vintage black and white photographs taken by artist from Istanbul – Merve Özaslan will make you smile. Simple adding a colorful nature photos, to vintage photographs, made a new quality piece of art that asks questions of the relation between nature and the humanity.

Black pens illustrations of “doodle” world

Illustrator Kerby Rosanes works with ordinary black pens to create illustrations of his “doodle” world. The 23-year Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes whose works characterized by curves lines, patterns and little elements that are spontaneously combined to create massive compositions depicting magical world from his imagination, his everyday experiences or anything that inspires him.

Shocking behavior of famous characters

Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros generated a kind of juxtaposition that reflect defects and problems of our society, such as abuse of drugs, having double standards, questioning faith and values, etc. All classic cartoon characters seen in the way that may destroy our childrens memories. Cinderella with obese, Mickey Mouse is trapped in mousetrap, drunk Princesses… Let’s see […]

Digital illustration series of flexible cars

Chris Labrooy, UK graphic designer and artist, shows pick-up trucks and cars with yogic flexibility and strange position bending to extreme degrees and oddly arranged in a rural parking lot. It’s hard to believe, Labrooy work exists only on the computer screen.

Heads of fish as heads of doll-like figurines

Born in Paris artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard ,create her wacky scenes uses fresh fish. Heads of fish as heads of doll-like figurines fill the interiors of flats, factories and offices in arranged genre scenes. “It is the perfect recycling of art. Nothing is left over – and I can live from it,” she said.

Famous cities during 24 hours stay.

Using simple colours and symbols Fernando Volken Togni, describes cities. On lovely posters with humour he foster a desire to travel. Take a look at Famous cities during 24 hours stay.