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Art Inspirations, selections af art and culture.

Most of all: Advertising, Design, Drawings, Ilustrations, Posters, Paintings, Sculpture, Street art. All about Art I found interesting.

My Sellections & My inspiraions. I search the internet everyday to add something new about art, something that caught my eye and heart. I try to select interesting art from the information buzz. I want you to know me better through my taste and my sense. Art Inspirations most of all My Selections of Culture and art events, exhibitions and projects with art invention. Art Inspirations selections af art and culture.

I’ve put together this blog with recommended list of the best selection for daily inspiration, so you can quickly and easily find the best places on the web to be inspired. This web site includes links, articles, blogs covering most creative disciplines.

Frozen like stone sculptures

Models bodies painted grey, are posing for Ben Hopper, London-based photographer, filmmaker and artist, primarily working with dancers and circus artists. In his project ‘Transfiguration’, elastic body moves are frozen like stone sculptures.

Follow me to the depth

Dramatic, surreal, oneiric and full of emotion – that how we could describe underwater pictures of Gabriele Viertel. As a fan of performing art, especially dance, draws its inspiration from choreography and lighting. ‘Follow me to the depth’ was appreciated by Italian Vogue.

Posters with similar graphics

Have you seen it before? Well, it, not the same, but take a close look, it’s almost the same! Posters with similar graphics are like a plague, same thing with covers and photo sessions. Seems like ideas have ended. Christophe Courtois made a good job!

Illustrated maps

Illustrated maps created by KHUAN+KTRON can be very helpful during a travel time. It’s nice and easy to remember after one look at illustrations of ‘must see’ places in foreground country. If you want to buy one of them, go to a site:

Portraits on finger

Dito Von Tease takes a picture of his own finger and then, with help of computer software, makes them recognisable as famous people. Portraits on finger depict characters such as Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and …Shrek, Hello Kitty and many other.

How to sound like a dog in 14 languages?

Do you think a duck sound the same in different languages? What about a horse sound? Or a pig? They are not same, not at all! How to sound like a dog in 14 languages? Read to learn, cause it’s easy to be misunderstood.

Fans at music concerts


James Mollison photographed fans, who were going to go to concerts of their favorite groups. Mollison and his wife Amber, catalog a wide assortment of fans at music concerts in both the U.S. and Europe. Whether it’s Dolly Parton, P. Diddy, Merle Haggard, or Bob Dylan, community is tied through clothing, hair, accessories, even posture […]

Ice fishing huts in Canada

Toronto based, architectural photographer Richard Johnson, has been documenting ice fishing huts in Canada for the past eight years. His project called, Ice Huts, contains photographs of more than 650 little temporary shelters, easy to transport and weather resistant. They show the individual taste and uniqueness of its owners through colors and form. All photos by […]