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Art Inspirations, selections af art and culture.

Most of all: Advertising, Design, Drawings, Ilustrations, Posters, Paintings, Sculpture, Street art. All about Art I found interesting.

My Sellections & My inspiraions. I search the internet everyday to add something new about art, something that caught my eye and heart. I try to select interesting art from the information buzz. I want you to know me better through my taste and my sense. Art Inspirations most of all My Selections of Culture and art events, exhibitions and projects with art invention. Art Inspirations selections af art and culture.

I’ve put together this blog with recommended list of the best selection for daily inspiration, so you can quickly and easily find the best places on the web to be inspired. This web site includes links, articles, blogs covering most creative disciplines.

Overwhelming residential towers of Hong Kong

Overwhelming city landscapemade by Photographer Michael Wolf, presents residential towers of Hong Kong. Incalculable number of windows made a view fascinating and terrifying at the same time. The Artist focused in his works on life in mega cities and documents the architecture and the culture of metropolises. His work has been exhibited in numerous locations […]

Famous cities during 24 hours stay.

Using simple colours and symbols Fernando Volken Togni, describes cities. On lovely posters with humour he foster a desire to travel. Take a look at Famous cities during 24 hours stay.  

Eyes of the animals

Have you ever seen how beautiful are python’s eyes? Do you know how scary look has hyena and how cosmic pattern has lama’s eye? Would you recognize a duck or a cow by their eyes? Look closely into the eyes of animals.  Discus fish  Sterlet  Blue crayfish  Siam cat  Horse  Hyena  Black rabbit  Caiman  Nylus crocodile […]

Lighthouses during storms

Marina Cano photographs lighthouses during storms with passion and patience of a wildlife photographer. Marina is from North of Spain and has an eye for wild animals. You can see it after the first glance at her works. She knows how to wait for the right moment and make the best shot that shows the […]

Iceland – The land of magic.

I really need a vacation! I prefer temperatures up to 25 Celsius degrees (77 Fahrenheit), wild, not crowded places, close to nature, biking or hiking indicated, driving a car and to be alone on the road. Good, simple cuisine is a must. Well, Iceland sounds perfect to me. Have you been to there? Yes or No, […]

Selection of best GIFs

We look for something special to put in your gallery. This is our Selection of best GIFs. Join us! Submit your Artwork @                                                           \   […]