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Ice fishing huts in Canada

Toronto based, architectural photographer Richard Johnson, has been documenting ice fishing huts in Canada for the past eight years. His project called, Ice Huts, contains photographs of more than 650 little temporary shelters, easy to transport and weather resistant. They show the individual taste and uniqueness of its owners through colors and form. All photos by […]

Biggest Cities Then and Now

Biggest Cities Then and Now show how world is changing and how converging are all cities around the world. The same skyscrapers, glass, concrete and steel. Only some old characteristic buildings make it easier to identify.   Comparison of evolution of world’s biggest cities during past years till now can make you dizzy. Some of the […]

Waves from the inside out

Clark Little was born in Napa, California and he is award-winning photographer recording the beauty and power of Hawaiian waves. “Clark’s view” is a unique and often dangerous perspective of waves from the inside out. Visit his web for more photos and products:        

Portraits of Women under the water

Photography studio Staudinger + Franke, based in Vienna, made a series ‘Barrier’ – portraits of women separated from the viewer by a barrier of water. Reflected light and motion transforms pictures into beautiful canvases. Portraits of Women under the water are now fashionable, everyday you can find a new session. But only few of them are […]

Portraits of fresh and wilted flowers

Isabelle Menin, Belgian photographer, has a background in painting and creates portraits of fresh and wilted flowers that melt into each other. They are not only gorgeous in form and color, more like masterful illustrations and paintings than conventional photographs but also uniquely expressive. Menin calls her works “inland photographs and disordered landscapes”. Emotions and […]

Nudes in the countryside and city landscape

John Crawford who’s one of New Zealand’s best known photographers says his aim is to capture images that have a high degree of interest and contrast, don’t look too technical, and are easy to look at and enjoy. Part of his original series of nudes in the countryside and city landscape you can find here, […]

Photography of world’s hyper arid regions

Hyper arid regions photography project started in the late 90’s  and took George Steinmetz  to 27 countries. He was making pictures while flying his motorized paraglider. Photographs shows most arid regions with beauty of sand dunes, salt lakes, and wind erosion. This is a short collection of his works appearing in George’s latest book, Desert Air.

Children in world made of trash by Gaby Herbstein

Children in world made of trash as Young Explorers in theatrical poses in imaginary worlds built from recycled materials in project of Gaby Herbstein teamed up with illustrator Pablo Bernascon brings us to surreal space . Project draws our attention on ecology and face the problem of generating garbage and ask a question: what kind […]

Manhattan skyscrapers mirror images

Mirror images of Manhattan skyscrapers by Brad Sloan offers a new view of the city. Oregon-based photographer, with simple reflection of images, that have already a well-known charm, creates eye-catching monochromatic patterns separated by a thin stream of skylight. Some may say, Manhattan skyscrapers mirror images, looks like screens from “Inception” movie, or some catastrophic films. […]

The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg by Ahmet Ertuğ

Whoever was in St. Petersburg, must have seen one of its wonders: The Hermitage Museum. Baroque interiors of Hermitage, with impressive staircases, libraries of astonishing rare books, painting and sculpture galleries, and collections of historic specimens, photographed by Ahmet Ertuğ to complete his St Petersburg series, are ready to buy as a unique book. Ahmet […]