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Vintage Collages

Vintage Collages made of vintage black and white photographs taken by artist from Istanbul – Merve Özaslan will make you smile. Simple adding a colorful nature photos, to vintage photographs, made a new quality piece of art that asks questions of the relation between nature and the humanity.

Scary clowns

Erwin Olaf is a brand of his own and hard to describe his work in a single article. Artist worked for companies such as Levi’s, Microsoft, Nokia and many others. He loves to provoke and whip up controversy but always with tact and humour. His series of faces with make up of clowns is a […]

Photography of storms

Mike Hollingshead is American storm chaser collecting his adventures photos since 1999. There is not much to say, photography of storms is so amazing way of life, you can only watch, in hope of never see it in real. Take a look at some of his recent works:

Megacities without Lights

Have you ever experienced a blackout in the city? Trust me, it’s not funny at all. It may look fascinating, with stunningly beautiful starry sky with contours skyscrapers on it but… you can imagine the chaos and disorganization at the same time. Anyway, Megacities without Lights, works of pioneer in the use of digital techniques […]

Wild animals from Russian Far East

Ivan Kislov is a mining engineer who works in Chukotka. On this far away land he photographs wild animals in their natural, winter environment. Foxes, bears, rabbits and many more are not afraid of human and come close with curiosity. Wild animals from Russian Far East at images taken by the engineer, give us a […]

Landscape in monochrome by Andy Lee

Beautiful photography by Andy Lee, professional filmmaker and photographer from United Kingdom who loves portraiture, but recently started to enjoy photographing landscape in monochrome. On his website you can buy limited edition of fine art prints, using the latest Epson professional ink-jets, signed and numbered. I’m sure they will bring calm and depth landscape space into […]

Stopped movement on the vibrating pictures

German artist Stephanie Jung stopped movement on the vibrating pictures, together with atmosphere of the place and caducity of a moment. You can be lost in time thanks to her experimental photography.

Magical world of digital photography by Elena Vizerskaya – Kassandra

Magical world of digital photography by  Elena Vizerskaya – Kassandra, thanks to her digital skills of photo processing, brings us to magical world like from Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton

Sky captured using Stop-Motion technique

Matt Molloy captured Changes of the Sky  in one picture, made by using stop-motion technique, pictured the sky during its transformation. The artist saves time in one image. Looks like ice paintings on frozen window.  

Overwhelming residential towers of Hong Kong

Overwhelming city landscapemade by Photographer Michael Wolf, presents residential towers of Hong Kong. Incalculable number of windows made a view fascinating and terrifying at the same time. The Artist focused in his works on life in mega cities and documents the architecture and the culture of metropolises. His work has been exhibited in numerous locations […]