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I create pop art posters and custom portraits, to change the world from gray to colorful!

Listening to my clients I realized that, something on your wall, something that reminds us about ones we love, changes even an ordinary room into unique space.
Ready posters and prints are cool idea if you are looking for a gift or just want to rearrange your interior.
My skills allowed me to paint custom pop art and historical portraits inspired by famous paintings of Frida Kahlo, Vermeer and many others.

This kind of work takes time to be ready. But it’s worth an effort!

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Mela Fay Dog portraits. All we need is love, art and dog!

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Dog portraits. Why? I’ve read once that the dog’s high sociability may be affected by “the same genes as in humans.” I don’t need a scientific research as a proof. They have been with us for centuries to share with us sorrows and joys. The first dog remains buried beside humans 14,700 years ago… That […]