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Paintings on the sand by Andres Amador

Have you ever tried to paint on the sand on the beach? I can bet you did. You should see paintings on the sand byAndres Amador, because he does it on the really big scale. He paints on the sand repetitive circular patterns, inspired by nature that are washed away by the waves. You can […]

Extraordinary shoes not ready to wear

Forget about classical shoes! Collection of Peter Popps, contains extraordinary shoes that are not even made for walking. Having Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson as his regular fan base, he designs heavy futuristic footwear that catches the eye and doesn’t let go. He took inspiration from technology and science fiction to bondage… “I even visited […]

Scary clowns

Erwin Olaf is a brand of his own and hard to describe his work in a single article. Artist worked for companies such as Levi’s, Microsoft, Nokia and many others. He loves to provoke and whip up controversy but always with tact and humour. His series of faces with make up of clowns is a […]

Colorful corn like made of glass beads

Colorful corn like made of glass beads or colored in Photoshop. This is not fake, this corn exist and it’s fully natural. Grows from selected seeds, first discovered and collected by Carl Barnes. Can be used to make flour or popcorn, although it is not recommended to eat it straight off the cob. Natural genetic modification […]

Digital illustration series of flexible cars

Chris Labrooy, UK graphic designer and artist, shows pick-up trucks and cars with yogic flexibility and strange position bending to extreme degrees and oddly arranged in a rural parking lot. It’s hard to believe, Labrooy work exists only on the computer screen.

Heads of fish as heads of doll-like figurines

Born in Paris artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard ,create her wacky scenes uses fresh fish. Heads of fish as heads of doll-like figurines fill the interiors of flats, factories and offices in arranged genre scenes. “It is the perfect recycling of art. Nothing is left over – and I can live from it,” she said.

Voluntarily guillotine. Would you try?

“Paper Cuts is an interactive paper sculpture that invites people to experience the world’s most recognizable instrument of death, head first. However, unlike its deadly ancestor, this blade offers nothing more final than a paper cut.” Voluntarily guillotine. Would you try? The following short videos, with daredevils who agreed to take part in this play. Voluntarily! […]

Original Haircut by Rob The Original

Rob The Original with his background in drawing, combined with professional barber skills, changed the way we look at haircuts. He has pioneered a new way of thinking about what a barber does.  Original Haircut by Rob The Original with images of famous actors, football players, music idols and cartoon characters adorn the heads of […]

Cutlery in the shape of vegetables

Graft is a series of disposable tableware made of bioplastic PLA revealing its sources materials – the plants. Cutlery in the shape of vegetables are like piece of art. Would you throw them away?