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London City Bikes Campaign by Alex Trochut

London City Bikes Campaign with flexible bicycle frames, bent in subtitles associated with movement on the bike, grabbed my eye and encourage to take a ride. Famous artist Alex Trochut was commissioned by “Transport for London” to create a series of typographic posters for their latest City Bike Campaign.

Famous cities during 24 hours stay.

Using simple colours and symbols Fernando Volken Togni, describes cities. On lovely posters with humour he foster a desire to travel. Take a look at Famous cities during 24 hours stay.  

Eyes of the animals

Have you ever seen how beautiful are python’s eyes? Do you know how scary look has hyena and how cosmic pattern has lama’s eye? Would you recognize a duck or a cow by their eyes? Look closely into the eyes of animals.  Discus fish  Sterlet  Blue crayfish  Siam cat  Horse  Hyena  Black rabbit  Caiman  Nylus crocodile […]

IKEA Climbing climbing wall

IKEA to celebrate the opening of the 30 th store in France, has built 100 square meters of climbing wall in Clermont-Ferrand. It’s a ready apartment in perpendicular position. All the fans of climbing can use an interior of a flat as a climbing wall. All furnitures and equipment is available in Ikea, you can […]

Selection of best GIFs

We look for something special to put in your gallery. This is our Selection of best GIFs. Join us! Submit your Artwork @                                                           \   […]