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Few words about me

It feels profoundly strange to write about myself, I prefer to speak through my works, so I’ll just start.

I grew up in a family where an open mind was kind of important.

Also, since I can remember I have been driven to Tuscany or Liguria for every vacation and saw, that a half dead plant in a broken pot on an Italian veranda is an object of beauty.
Perhaps that’s why I found it easy to create beautiful things out of scraps.
Since my exposure to my family I also learned how to cook and enjoy every day small pleasures, like a company of my friends at the table.
Studied in several places, graduated Royal Institute of British Architects with Master of Architecture diploma.

Worked in NY and Hongkong.

I have a black and silver miniature schnauzer, named Cumin, who knows everything, literally.

I want to grow, stretch my mind, meet engaging people.  And make beautiful and fascinating works.

I’m a Captain of this ship called Heads Wide Open.

Call me Mela, Mela Fay.

Welcome on the board!


Facebook: @headswideopen

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Instagram: @melacustomportraits

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