Have you ever seen how beautiful are python’s eyes? Do you know how scary look has hyena and how cosmic pattern has lama’s eye? Would you recognize a duck or a cow by their eyes? Look closely into the eyes of animals.

Discus fish Discus fish

Sterlet Sterlet

Blue crayfish Blue crayfish

Siam cat Siam cat

Horse Horse

Hyena Hyena

Black rabbit Black rabbit

Caiman Caiman

Nylus crocodile Nylus crocodile

Tiger python (non albino) Tiger python (non albino)

Tiger python (albino) Tiger python (albino)

Husky dog Husky dog

Lama Lama

Cow Cow

Rabbit Rabbit

Duck Duck

Pekines dog Pekines dog

Lark Lark

Chimpanze Chimpanze

Blue-yellow macaw parrot Blue-yellow macaw parrot

British short hair cat British short hair cat

Sources: surenmanvelyan.com

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