If you think city walls must be classically painted, you may change your mind.
Even boring school wall can be changed into colorful children’s area, with help of talented street artist. The atmosphere of the school corridor, wall in the shop or office, with graffiti made by Smates, gets second life. We can’t no longer refuse that graffiti is an art worth attention. Just take a look a this hyper realistic¬†murals:

smates-graffiti-street-art children-painted-on-the-wall dog-on-the-wall dog-on-the-wall-1 graffiti-interior-design graffiti-in-the-city napoleo-on-the-wall owl-on-the-wall painings-on-the-wall painings-on-the-wall-water painted-school-wall painted-wall-interior school-wall-paintings shark-on-the-bridge

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