Abstract blue and gray graphic. Large abstract decor.


Abstract blue and gray graphic. Large abstract decor. Modern and simple. Original wall art in superior quality.

Large scale print, 24×36 inch

This artwork is a part of collection. Can be grouped in sets but looks perfect as single prints. I’ll keep adding them as soon as I finish them, so stay tuned!
They are painted in mixed technique, as usual with digital finished.

This artwork come printed on Moab Somerset Enhanced Velvet paper, or as Giclée art print.
Moab paper is ideal for digital fine art reproductions, milled by the St. Cuthberts Mill in Somerset, England.
Mouldmade of 100% cotton, yields exceptional depth of color with a velvety fine art texture.The surface of the paper becomes an inherent part of the finished print, without overwhelming the image, but adding a fine art element to the composition.
Giclée art prints are produced on high quality Matt Ultra 240gsm paper and make printing masterpieces.
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