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Set of original umbrellas

Do you need an umbrella? I can bet, one of those quaint things would be a good idea in case of rain. I found set of original umbrellas that will bring into a boring, cloudy day a little bit of a smile. Take a look! Umbrella for a dog would make happy my little friend! […]

The Sea as a distillation of all the forces of nature

Thierry De Cordier is a philosopher, performer, sculptor, writer and poet who In the last few decades dedicated himself to painting. He studies seascapes, in an effort to move beyond the romantic, sublime landscape. Influenced by the monochromatic topographical paintings made in China in the 17th and 18th centuries, he works with oils, enamel, and […]

Famous songs as buildings

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina takes 27 popular songs, from inter alia: Miles Davis, Amy Winehouse, Joy Division, Blur, Elvis Presley and Mozart and transforms them into cartoon buildings. The artist claims that parallels between music and architecture are diverse and extraordinary: “They have a common mathematical order which regulates the forms and the […]

Shipping Container Homes

Some talented architects succeeded to design buildings made of shipping containers: family homes, offices, showrooms, offices… Industrial, cheap materials gain a new life. Thanks to imagination and hard work, recycled homes can be an example of highest quality design. Here are some shipping container homes  from integrated Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Company: INDUSTRIAL ZOMBIE

3D printed lamps

Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques designed 3D-printed lamps. Hanging lamp, Sky, and a table lamp, Land, projects lovely patterns on the room walls and furnishings. 3D printed lamps made using the technique that allows them to take care of every little detail of the lace and built a real sculpture, that creates a new dimension in […]

Sculptures made of recycled materials

Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz, Cuban born duo Guerra de la Paz, breathe new life into old discarded clothing. Incredible sculptures made of recycled materials reinvent historical themes and classic icons in new light, and gives a comment to our contemporary, consumer culture.

Underwater Sculptures to Encourage Coral Reef Growth

Jason DeCaires Taylor submerges his sculptures several meters underwater in Cancun, Mexico, Nassau, Bahamas and Grenada in the West Indies all in hopes of assimilating them with the region’s natural coral reefs. To experience his works you need to dive into breathtaking natural beauty of the underwater world.

3D art made of trash and recycled materials

Bordalo II, Lisbon artist, presents a figurative paintings full of vivacity and movement, where he paints his own interpretation of urban landscapes and city entertainment. 3D art made of trash and recycled materials creates a unique visual effect which changes the gray area of the city in a work of art.