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Set of original umbrellas

Do you need an umbrella? I can bet, one of those quaint things would be a good idea in case of rain. I found set of original umbrellas that will bring into a boring, cloudy day a little bit of a smile. Take a look! Umbrella for a dog would make happy my little friend! […]

Moving World Maps

Moving World maps that distort the size of the land masses according to the amount of waste they receive on average a month. Produced for PhD research by Benjamin D. Hennig, which was published in his book Rediscovering the World. Interesting, isn’t it? Good to see how it demonstrates the effects of mountain ranges as […]

Photography of storms

Mike Hollingshead is American storm chaser collecting his adventures photos since 1999. There is not much to say, photography of storms is so amazing way of life, you can only watch, in hope of never see it in real. Take a look at some of his recent works: