I found these pictures of fashion and make up, called The World of the Senses and I really liked their simple and expressive spell of senses they present. 

Huainan Li is a Chinese photographer, from Beijing and he is one of the many artists from The Middle Kingdom, who impressed me recently. I will try to show you soon more works of Chinese talented posters designers and sculptors, that I have in my notebook.

Meanwhile take a look at Huainan Li artistic photos from series The world of the senses:

fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-01 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-02 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-03 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-05 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-06 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-07 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-08 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-09 fashion glasses-world-senses-huainan-li-620x600-10


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